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Fund Changes - Feb-17
 Fund Changes
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Week 8: 2/20/2017-2/24/2017

Marc Regenbaum will join Charles Kantor to co-manage the Neuberger Berman Guardian fund...Principal registers the actively managed Principal Active Global Dividend Income ETF, which will invest 80% in dividend-paying equity securities of small, medium, and large cap companies and in growth and value stocks...American Century files the American Century NT High Income fund, which will invest primarily in high-yield corporate bonds and other debt instruments with an emphasis on those that are rated below investment-grade, and has no average maturity limitations, but will typically invest in intermediate-term and long-term debt securities (the fund does not permit tobacco-related investments)...Ivy Investment Management Company registers the Ivy PineBridge High Yield fund, which will be sub-advised by PineBridge and will seek to achieve its objective by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of high-yield, lower-quality fixed income securities of U.S. and foreign issuers...Virtus Investment Partners has agreed to purchase RidgeWorth from its current owners, Lightyear Capital, a New York-based private equity firm. Subject to shareholder approval, each RidgeWorth fund will reorganize into a corresponding series of Virtus Asset Trust, and RidgeWorth Capital Management, the investment advisor to the funds, will be renamed Virtus Fund Advisers...Aspect Capital Limited will serve as an additional trading adviser to Abbey Capital Offshore Fund Limited, the subsidiary of the Abbey Capital Futures Strategy fund...The Deutsche Global Equity fund will change its name to Deutsche Global Macro and will invest in equities, bonds, certificates, money market instruments, ETFs, and cash, without limits on asset class exposures and with assets allocated strategically among various asset classes based on top-down macro views. Previously, the fund invested at least 80% in equity securities and other securities with equity characteristics...Steven Rossi will join Brian Garbe in managing the American Century Small Company fund, replacing Tal Sansani...


Week 7: 2/13/2017-2/17/2017

Robert M. Shearer will retire from BlackRock and will no longer serve as a portfolio manager of the BlackRock Equity Dividend fund (David Zhao and Franco Tapia will join the team managing the fund), and Chris Allen will join Martin Hegarty as a portfolio manager to the BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond fund, replacing Gargi Pal Chaudhuri...Aryeh Glatter will no longer help manage the JPMorgan Disciplined Equity fund...BlackRock registers the iShares Russell 2500 ETF, which will track the Russell 2500 Index, composed of mid- and small-cap U.S. equities...State Street Global files four index funds tracking single-country or region specific MSCI indexes: the State Street MSCI Canada Index, State Street MSCI Japan Index, State Street MSCI Europe Index, and State Street MSCI Pacific ex Japan Index funds...Clint Lawrence will join Derek Janssen to co-manage the Fidelity Small Cap Value fund...John D. Ryan will leave the portfolio management teams of several Deutsche funds, including the Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strategy fund...Michael Grant will replace David Kalis and Michael Roesler on the portfolio management team of the Calamos Growth fund, and David Kalis will no longer help manage the Calamos Growth and Income fund, among other Calamos funds...Deutsche registers the Deutsche U.S. Multi-Factor fund, which will track the fundamentally-weighted Russell 1000 Comprehensive Factor Index, designed to track the equity market performance of U.S. companies selected on multi-factor criteria, including value, momentum, quality, low volatility and size, and weighted based on their relative exposure to all five factors...The Deutsche GNMA fund will lower its advisory fee and update its derivatives policy in connection with the acquisition of the Deutsche Strategic Government Securities fund...   MORE>>

Week 6: 2/6/2017-2/10/2017

John Delano will join Rajeev Bhaman to co-manage the Oppenheimer Global fund...Simon Lee will retire from Osterweis Capital Management effective May 15, 2017, and will be replaced by Craig L. Manchuck on the portfolio management team for the Osterweis Strategic Income fund...David Rogal will join the team managing the BlackRock Core Bond fund...Fidelity registers two index funds tracking ESG indexes: the Fidelity International Sustainability Index fund and the Fidelity U.S. Sustainability Index fund, and also files the Fidelity Emerging Markets II fund, which will invest in issuers in emerging markets using fundamental analysis of factors such as each issuer's financial condition and industry position, as well as market and economic conditions...BlackRock files two smart-beta fixed income ETFs: the iShares Edge High Yield Defensive Bond ETF andiShares Edge Investment Grade Enhanced Bond ETF...OppenheimerFunds files the OFI Pictet Global Environmental Solutions fund, which will invest in equity securities issued by U.S. and non-U.S. companies with a low environmental impact, those that make a substantial active contribution to solving environmental challenges, or provide technologies to improve the efficiency of natural resource consumption...The AB Income fund and AB Limited Duration High Income funds will lower their advisory fees, as well as lower their caps on total operating expenses for Class A, Class C, and Advisor Class shares...   MORE>>

Week 5: 1/30/2017-2/03/2017

Fidelity files twelve Fidelity K6 funds, which will not charge a sales load or a 12b-1 distribution fee, have no purchase minimum, and are generally available only to employer-sponsored retirement plans that are recordkept by Fidelity...The management fee structure for Schwab index funds will change to a unitary fee structure, and the management fees payable by each fund will be reduced...David M. Hollond will leave the portfolio management teams of the American Century Heritage and American Century All Cap Growth funds...Ruta Ziverte and Chris Kelly will replace Hemant Baijal on the team managing the Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income fund...Junichi Inoue will replace Vincent Musumeci in managing the Japan sub-portfolio of the Henderson International Opportunities fund...Anujeet Sareen will help manage the Legg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities and Legg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond funds...Ivy Investment Management Company proposes five index funds that will be sub-advised by ProShare Advisors...Pioneer registers five NextShares...PIMCO registers three ETFs tracking RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor indexes, which are designed to provide long-only exposure to multiple equity factors, varying exposure to these factors using metrics to tilt toward those that are particularly attractive on a forward looking basis...Dimensional Fund Advisors files the DFA U.S. High Relative Profitability and DFA International High Relative Profitability portfolios, which will each purchase a broad and diverse group of readily marketable securities of large U.S. and non-U.S. companies, respectively, that the advisor determines to have high profitability relative to other large cap companies...Cliffwater will leave the sub-advisory team of the Principal Global Multi-Strategy fund...Los Angeles Capital and Equity Research will be added as an additional sub-advisor for the Columbia Active Portfolios Multi-Manager Growth fund...   MORE>>

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