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Fund Changes - Jul-17
 Fund Changes
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Week 28: 7/10/2017-7/14/2017

Vanguard registers the Vanguard REIT II Index fund, a nondiversified fund that will have the same strategy, index, and portfolio managers as the $63.4 billion Vanguard REIT Index fund...Cindy L. Sweeting will retire from Franklin Templeton effective December 31, 2017, and will no longer help manage the Templeton Institutional International Equity fund (Antonio T. Docal will become the lead portfolio manager, supported by Peter A. Nori and Matthew R. Nagle)...Columbia files the Columbia Diversified Fixed Income Allocation ETF, which will track a custom index that reflects a multi-sector, strategic beta approach to measuring the performance of the debt market through representation of six sectors of the debt market (in fixed percentages not yet disclosed): U.S. Treasury securities, global ex-U.S. treasury securities, U.S. agency mortgage backed securities, U.S. corporate investment grade bond, U.S. corporate high yield bonds, and emerging markets sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt...The iShares MBS ETF charges an investment advisory fee based on its allocable portion of an aggregate management fee based on the aggregate assets of the fund and certain other iShares ETFs. The fund's fee schedule will be reduced by 16 basis points on the first $121 billion of aggregate assets, with fees declining per the breakpoint schedule as assets increase...China International Capital Corporation (USA), a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of China International Capital Corporation, entered into an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Krane Funds Advisors...Lazard registers the Lazard Equity Franchise portfolio, which will primarily invest in equity securities of US and non-US companies of any size that have an “economic franchise,” defined as "companies that have historically shown an ability to generate unleveraged returns, at or above their cost of capital, for long periods of time"...Schwab files a new ETF, the Schwab 1000 Index ETF, which will track the float-adjusted market cap weighted Schwab 1000 Index, comprising the 1,000 largest stocks of publicly traded companies in the United States...Ross Glotzbach will join the portfolio management team of the Longleaf Partners fund, and Josh Shores will replace T. Scot Cobb on the team managing the Longleaf Partners International fund...Thirty-six Franklin Templeton funds will begin offering Class R6 shares on August 1, 2017...Eaton Vance funds will modify their sub-transfer agency fee agreement...   MORE>>

Week 27: 7/3/2017-7/7/2017

Phillip Marriott will no longer serve as a co-manager for First Eagle's portion of the Strategic Advisers Core fund...Nicola Stafford will join John Roth in managing the Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock fund...Michael DeSantis will join the portfolio management team of the Goldman Sachs Small/Mid Cap Growth fund...Keith P. Robinette and Andrew Urban will replace Thomas R. Hickey Jr. on the portfolio management team of the Nationwide Destination target date and Nationwide Investor Destinations risk-based funds...Dreyfus files the BNY Mellon Insight Broad Opportunities fund, which will be sub-advised by affiliate Pareto Investment Management and will dynamically allocate assets among a broad range of asset classes in developed and emerging markets according to Pareto's view of macroeconomic themes (rather than through individual stock picking)...T Rowe Price registers the T Rowe Price Capital Appreciation & Income fund, which will invest 45-75% in fixed income and other debt instruments, 25-55% in common stocks and other equity securities, and up to 15% in preferred stocks and convertible securities...Prudential files the Prudential QMA Large-Cap Core Equity Plus, which will invest in equity securities of large-cap US issuers using a long/short investment strategy, targeting a long exposure of 130% and a short exposure of 30%...USAA proposes four ETFs tracking MSCI Select Value Momentum Blend indexes (an emerging markets, an international, a domestic large/mid cap, and a domestic small cap) and two actively-managed fixed income ETFs (a short-term and an intermediate-term)...LakeWater Capital will leave the sub-advisory team of the Absolute Strategies fund...Amundi acquired Pioneer Investments in July...The John Hancock II Blue Chip Growth fund will reduce its contractual management fee, along with several other John Hancock funds that are lowering fees...   MORE>>

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