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Fund Changes - Feb-18
 Fund Changes
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Fund Changes Weekly

Week 8: 2/19/2018-2/23/2018

Goldman Sachs Money Market funds will reduce their contractual management fee rates...Robert Sykes will replace Marcelle Daher on the portfolio management team of the John Hancock Funds II Multimanager and John Hancock Funds II Multi-Index target-date and risk-based funds, and Marcelle Daher will also no longer help manage the John Hancock Funds II Strategic Equity Allocation, International Strategic Equity Allocation, and U.S. Strategic Equity Allocation funds...Scott Zaleski will join the team managing the Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income and Dreyfus International Bond funds, and Leland Hart will join the team managing the Dreyfus High Yield fund...JPMorgan Chase Bank will replace Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. as custodian of several Vanguard funds, including the Vanguard Extended Market Index, Vanguard Mid-Cap Index, Vanguard Small-Cap Value Index, and Vanguard Small-Cap Growth Index funds, among others...Effective March 23, 2018, the John Hancock Funds III International Growth fund will close to new investors...The USAA Extended Market Index fund will be sub-advised by BNY Mellon Asset Management North America and will no longer operate as a feeder fund in a master-feeder fee structure. Previously, the fund invested all of its investable assets in a separate registered mutual fund advised by BlackRock Advisors, LLC...The Goldman Sachs Capital Growth fund plans to invest in both value and growth companies and will change its benchmark from the Russell 1000 Growth Index to the Russell 1000 Index...First Trust Advisors registers the First Trust Dorsey Wright DALI 1 ETF, which will track an index owned by Nasdaq that will be constructed using their Dynamic Asset Level Investing investment process to evaluate four broad asset classes (U.S. equity securities, international equity securities, fixed income securities, and commodities) to determine the asset class best positioned to outperform the market...WisdomTree files the actively managed WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced fund, which will invest in large-cap U.S. equity securities (90%) and in U.S. Treasury futures contracts (notional exposure to the aggregate U.S. Treasury futures contracts' positions will represent approximately 60% of the fund's net assets)...   MORE>>

Week 7: 2/12/2018-2/16/2018

Jonathan Duggan and Michael Plage will join the portfolio management team of the Strategic Advisers Core Income fund ($35.6 billion)...Effective September 1, 2018, Matthew Sabel will no longer serve on the portfolio management team of the MFS Growth fund ($17.9 billion) and MFS Mid Cap Growth fund ($2.7 billion)...Alison O'Neill Mackey will join the portfolio management team of the Massachusetts Investors Trust fund ($6.6 billion)...James W. Michal will depart the portfolio management team of several Guggenheim funds, including the Guggenheim Total Return Bond ($9.4 billion), Guggenheim Macro Opportunities ($6.7 billion), and Guggenheim Floating Rate Strategies ($3.5 billion), among others...Rob Brookby will replace Greg Walsh on the team managing the American Century Heritage fund ($5 billion)...Global X Management Company, the New York-based investment advisor to the Global X ETFs, has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Mirae Asset Global Investments, an asset manager based in Seoul, Korea...BNY Mellon Asset Management North America Corporation will replace NWQ Investment Management Company on the sub-advisory team of the Mercer US Small/Mid Cap Equity fund...Eaton Vance registers the Eaton Vance Emerging Markets Debt fund, which will invest 80% in income instruments issued by emerging market entities or sovereign nations; and/or derivative instruments, based on the currencies, interest rates, or issues of, emerging market countries (investments will be denominated in developed market currencies)...The T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications fund will update its investment strategy and change its name to the T. Rowe Price Communications & Technology fund, which will better reflect the fundís portfolio and how it is currently managed (Internet-related securities now represent a more significant portion of the fundís holdings than when the fund adopted its current name in 1997)...John Hancock will join the ranks of fund companies that will now automatically convert Class C shares to Class A after ten years...   MORE>>

Week 6: 2/5/2018-2/9/2018

Effective April 30, 2018, Cynthia P. Prince-Fox will retire from Ivy Investment Management Company and will no longer serve as a portfolio manager of the Ivy Asset Strategy, Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation, and InvestEd target risk funds (W. Jeffery Surles will join the portfolio management teams of each fund in February 2018)...Ashish C. Shah will leave the portfolio management team of several AllianceBernstein funds, including the AB Income fund...American Beacon filed the American Beacon Sound Point Enhanced Income fund, an interval fund that will be sub-advised by Sound Point Capital and will invest primarily in a variety of credit-related instruments, including corporate obligations and securitized and structured issues of varying maturities from U.S. or foreign corporations or other business entities...The $11.5 billion Eaton Vance Atlanta Capital SMID-Cap fund will discontinue all sales of its shares to new qualified retirement plans effective April 13, 2018 (existing qualified retirement plans that selected the fund prior to April 13, 2018, will not be impacted)...Harmonic Capital Partners will no longer serve as a trading adviser to the Abbey Capital Futures Strategy fund...The Western Asset Global Strategic Income fund (to be renamed the Western Asset Income fund) will reduce its contractual management fee by 15 basis points to a flat fee of 0.50%...   MORE>>

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